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Magnetic Mount Magnet


In May 2006 June Boase unveiled her collection of water colours named ‘Mount Magnet Magic’. The 13 piece collection is a vibrant mix of street and landscape in and around Mount Magnet, including stunning images of the Granites, Lennonville and local businesses. The works are now available in the form of postcards, cards, placemats and prints from the Shire, Tourist Centre and Caravan Park. 

“Since early childhood, then with a background of fine and commercial art, I have needed to draw and paint the beauty of what I see. To grow and nurture simple cottage flowers and herbs is also a way I express my creativity.” 

“Now living in Perth, my passion is to paint the vibrancy of light and colour of Western Australia. The reds and ochres of ancient rock. The swirling sand of dunes and dry river beds flanked by white trunks of gums are a challenge to me. I delight in the tenacity of tiny flowers and plants clinging to life in arid regions.” June L. Boase

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