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"A room without books is like a body without a soul" - Cicero


We are open Tuesday to Friday 12:30pm to 4:00pm. 
Books, CDA's and DVD's available


Located in the historic school building, in Mount Magnet's central precinct (across the Park from the Shire Office and Caravan Park), the Public Library provides an opportunity for locals and travelers alike, to discover and enjoy a good book. 

Travelling with children? Want to keep them reading? The Mount Magnet Library offers a treat for all children interested in books, so whether you live in the community or are travelling - why not bring your children in and read them a story from one of the many children's books, or allow them time to discover a book themselves.

Open your child's imagination - open a book. 

Please feel welcome to use the Library facility - it makes for a pleasant outing and opportunity to discover new books of interest.

Internet access available. 

Coming Soon! 
On-demand Streaming Service of up to 30,000 films through our Library. Limits per month will apply. 

e-Library has come to town. The State Library Service of Western Australia has recently introduced a modern and easy way of accessing thousands of books electronically FREE!  Enjoy the EBOOKS collection from Borrow Box. 

What is required:
Be enrolled as a member at your local library. 
Be enrolled for e-book receipt at your local library and receive your personal log in details. 
Internet connection via home computer, notebook, netbook, mobile phone, e-book reader (Kindle is not supported), Ipad or similar device.
Interested?  Come to the library and register now. 

eSmart Library
The Mount Magnet Public Library is currently in the process of becoming an accredited eSmart Library, with aims of working with the community, schools and local organisations.

eSmart  Libraries aims to help library users gain the knowledge and awareness of cyber safety and provide the tools and skills they need for smart, safe and responsible use of technology.

Please contact or visit the Library if you wish to discuss available literature or training.
Alternatively visit the eSmart website by clicking here

Inter Library Loans from SLWA
Favourite author not on the shelf! Let us source books for you through our VDX system. 

Local History
We have a Local History section for those interested in Family Ancestry and the history of the area. 

More Information
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