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What are Rates?

The Shire levies rates each year to assist Council in providing and maintaining a number of services, facilities, functions and infrastructure within the community. 

How are Rates Calculated? 
Local Government Authorities in WA levy rates against each property by determining a 'rate in the dollar' which is then multiplied by the GRV (Gross Rental Value) of the property as determined by Landgate (The Valuer General's Office), or by the UV system (Unimproved Value) for out of town properties.  For example: GRV $9,800 x 10.4177 cents (the rate in the dollar Council has determined for the 2017/2018 year) = $1,020.93 property rates. 

Differential Rates
The Shire of Mount Magnet has again resolved to adopt differential rates for properties.  Council's differential rating proposal has been approved by the Minister for Local Government in      accordance with the Local Government Act 1995. 

Differential rates have been imposed on the basis of ensuring an adequate contribution to community services and facilities commensurate with the use of those services and facilities by      occupants of the various differential categories.  Differential minimum rates have been imposed to ensure an adequate minimum contribution to the cost of community services and facilities by each property within each differential category. 

2017/2018 Rates and Charges
The Council adopted its budget at the Special Meeting of Council held 16 August 2017 and resolved to impose the following rates and service charges to all   rateable properties within the Shire: 

Rate Type



Minimum $

Urban & Residential




Boogardie & Lennonville




Industrial & Commercial                                                                    




Single Person Quarters                                                      








Mining (Prospecting, Exploration Mining, Gold Mining)




* GRV = Gross Rental Value

*UV = Unimproved Value


2017/2018 Rubbish Service Charges



Service (Weekly)



One (1) pick up - 1 bin



One (1) pick up - up to 2 bins



Two (2) pickups - up to 4 bins



Two (2) pickups - up to 4 bins

Black Cat Camp    


Camp Site in Town


Objections/Appeals to Rates
A person may object to their rates for their property on the grounds of: 
there is a problem with the rate record (incorrect owner/occupier details). 
the land or part of the land is not rateable. 
An objection must be made in writing within 42 days of the date of issue of the rate notice.  The objection must identify the land and fully explain the details of the objection. Should you have a concern regarding your property valuation contact the Landgate Valuation Service on (08) 9429 8400 within 60 days of the date of issue of the rate notice. Where an appeal or objection to rates is lodged it does not affect the liability of the owner to pay the Shire rates levied, pending a valuation determination.  Any overpaid rates will be refunded. 

Late Payment Interest
Late payment interest will accrue at a rate of 11% per annum, calculated daily, on all unpaid rates, rubbish and ESL charges where payment is not received by the due date.  Any unpaid rates, service and ESL charges will continue to accrue interest each day until such arrears are paid.  Further details are contained on the back of the rate notice. 

Instalment Fee & Interest on Instalments
An additional charge of $8.00 per instalment plan will apply where this option is used.  This charge is to cover administration and postage costs.  An interest charge of 5.5% per annum is        imposed for amounts involved with instalment payments. 

Pensioner Discounts
(Applicable to RATES and ESL charge only, all other charges to be paid in full) 
Pensioners who meet the eligibility criteria below, are entitled to claim a rebate of up to 50% off the current years rates and ESL charge or may defer payment of those rates. Persons who hold a Seniors Card issued by the Office of Seniors Interests and a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card are entitled to the same level of concession as a pensioner. 
Rebate is limited to a maximum amount prescribed annually. 
Holders of the State Seniors Card only who meet the following eligibility criteria are entitled to claim a rebate of up to 25%.
Rebate is limited to a maximum amount prescribed annually. 
Eligibility Criteria - to be eligible for concessions under the Rates and Charges (Rebates and Deferments) Act 1992, an applicant must: 

be the owner and reside in the property on 1 July of the rating year; 
If a Pensioner, either; 
-  be in receipt of a pension and hold a pensioner concession card or State concession card; or
-  hold both a Seniors Card issued by the Office of Seniors Interests and a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card; or
-  if a Senior, hold a Seniors Card issued by the Office of Seniors Interests; 
-  register your entitlement with Council or the Water Corporation watercorporation.com.au/concessions (concessions only  apply once your application is received and registered). 

A pro-rata rebate may be available from the date of registration to Pensioners and Seniors who become eligible after 1 July of the rating year. 

Pensioners, please contact Council if you have rate arrears outstanding on the property and you meet the eligibility criteria. You may be able to enter into an arrangement that entitles you to rebate or deferment. Seniors must pay their rate arrears to be entitled to a rebate. 

If your circumstances change - particularly with respect to your ownership or occupation of the property, or your eligibility as a Senior or Pensioner - you must notify Council and the Water Corporation. Your registration will be cancelled or amended, as appropriate. 

Rebates to Pensioners and Seniors under the Rate and Charges (Rebates and Deferments) Act 1992 are funded by the Government of Western Australia.

Payment Options
Extra sanitation bin charges are to be invoiced monthly - per Lift:-
Domestic Charge - $5.00/Lift
Commercial & Industrial - $5.50/Lift

Rates and rubbish charges may be paid by one of two options:-
One payment: Due date is 29 September 2017
Four instalment payments: Due dates are 29 September 2017, 24 November 2017, 19 January 2018 & 28 March 2018.
Instalment reminder notices will be sent out 35 days prior to the next instalment being due.

NB: Arrears are to be paid as part of the first instalment when opting to pay by instalments, otherwise an instalment option is not available.
Where payment has not been received in full or no election has been made to pay by an instalment option by the due date, ratepayers will be referred to Council's legal advisors to initiate     recovery action.  All costs associated with this action are recoverable from the ratepayer and will be added to their account.  Recovery action may involve Council taking possession of the land if rates remain unpaid for a period in excess of three years.

Payment of Rates by Other Arrangements
Ratepayers are advised that if they are unable to pay their rates by the due date or to meet the instalment requirements, they can make other arrangements to pay their rates by entering into an Alternative Arrangement Payment Plan.  Please contact Council's Office if you need to consider this arrangement.  Late payment penalty charges will still apply under these arrangements and an administration charge of $24.00 per financial year is also payable.



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